About Austinbones

Our story goes back to the late 1990's when Jeff, Billy and Darin were attending the University of Texas at Arlington. The three of us were young and aspiring trombonists trying to earn a coveted undergraduate degree. Well, we did indeed graduate and one by one, ended up at the University of Texas at Austin.

On August 2001, we found ourselves reunited at UT and forming a Trombone quartet. We brought in Matt, who proved to be the crucial link in forming our group for chamber music credit. The quartet was born, but Austinbones was not...

During a rehearsal, we were brainstorming on a name for our group when Darin blurted out Austinbones.com. That same night the domain was bought and we were in business.

More importantly though, we teach, perform, and live music. Enjoy our web site and if you ever need a private lesson teacher or a trombone quartet for your special occasion, let us know.